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Have you always wanted to know what the members of the Managing Board do all day? What happens at the top of the bank? Rakesh Prahladsingh, Assistant Sales Management at ABN AMRO Schiphol, now knows. He and seven other young bankers were given the opportunity to spend a day with a member of the Managing Board. Rakesh spent his time with Chris Vogelzang and talks about his experiences. Chris is the Managing Board member responsible for Retail and Private Banking.

Rakesh: We first had a meeting with a steering group, which Johan van Hall attended too. Despite the presence of the “heavy delegation”, the participants and the homey feel to the conference room put me at ease. It’s impressive to watch Chris Vogelzang at “work”. I’m not sure whether to call it work, because if you’re doing things for the bank day and night, it has to be more than just that. Perhaps “hobby” is the right word? I don’t know, but I did notice that this question has been on my mind a lot.

Chris came across as relaxed during the meetings. It’s fascinating to see that his calmness says nothing about his efforts. This has to do with how well prepared he is and his knowledge, I think. He sees everything – nothing escapes his eagle’s eye. He even devotes attention to “water cooler chats”, taking this information into account when making a decision. All of the meetings I attended centred around the customer. Every now and then he took the time to explain things to me so that I’d know exactly what was going on. How great is that?

It was very special to attend meetings that focused on important things for the bank. And it was inspiring to see how Chris puts his vision into practice. That was so inspiring – you’ve got to experience it for yourself!

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