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In my last blog, I described our strategic project for the Red Cross. The organisation wants to attract more young men and women. My personal goal was to learn from an organisation that so clearly operates from an emotional conviction. Was that goal achieved? Absolutely. I also discovered that the Red Cross and ABN AMRO have a lot in common. Both companies encourage their employees to speak from the heart. That insight has proven very useful for me, and I believe it can benefit everybody.

I was surprised to find out that commercial and non-profit companies have so much in common. Marian Campillo Marian Campillo Project Leader Client Services

Much in common

Prior to my time with the Red Cross, I anticipated I would get a glimpse behind the scenes of the organisation. Unexpectedly, I also gained insight into ABN AMRO's own inner workings. During the laluz programme I was surprised to find out that commercial and non-profit companies have so much in common. The same issues surface; the difference is in the order of magnitude. Due to their size, both organisations are focusing on topics like diversity and communication. ABN AMRO can also relate to the initial question the Red Cross approached us with: how do we attract young men and women on the labour market?

Keeping everybody informed

To support the Red Cross in attracting more young people, we revealed our own plans and actions. The bank is active on social media such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Another insight that we applied during the laluz programme is that internal communication travels up and down the hierarchy. It's important to inform all your employees on the direction you want to take your company. For instance, if you set up an employee satisfaction survey, then you should clearly indicate how you intend to use the results.


Meanwhile, we have concluded the laluz programme and held our final presentation. All in all, this engaging project has taught me so much. A milestone was the first time we processed the data from dialogue with volunteers, employees, professionals and administrators. The trick is to boil down that data to a structured and workable action plan. I think we did a great job. The Red Cross can get started with a number of central themes to attract more young people. I'll definitely stay tuned to see how they're doing!


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