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The thing I enjoy the most about working for Capital Markets Solutions (CMS) is that I’m right at the heart of the financial markets. It’s a very dynamic and exciting world. My team and I track developments, such as interest rate and currency movements, in the markets and analyse their impact on our clients’ business operations. I can honestly say no two days are the same at CMS.

I’m firmly convinced that men and women have the same level of expertise and professionalism. 100x100-Choy-vanderHooft-Cheong Choy van der Hooft-Cheong Head of Corporate Sales, Capital Markets Solutions

Corporate Sales is a division of CMS and provides services to business clients ranging from SMEs to large multinationals . My department advises clients based not only here in the Netherlands but also on different sides of the globe – in Singapore, Oslo and New York, for instance – on risk management deliverables such as currency, interest rate and commodity products. I also fly out to visit them several times a year. It helps that I enjoy travelling in my private life too. For me, an added advantage of travel is the perspective it gives. When I’m on vacation, I literally leave everything behind me and recharge, so I’m fresh and energised again once I return.

Changing jobs every three years

I’ve worked at ABN AMRO for the last twenty years. Starting out my career as a management trainee, I then held various Corporate Banking roles involving account management, cash management, Sector Advisory and Treasury, to name a few. All that variety is exactly what’s so nice about working at ABN AMRO. I’ve been given opportunities which probably wouldn’t even have occurred to me at first. That said, in all the roles I’ve held, I’ve always worked on the client side of the business. I’ve changed jobs on average about once every three years. Each new position makes my career exciting and keeps me on my toes.

The bar is high

Some 250 employees work at CMS, all with different backgrounds. They include economists, technicians and IT specialists. One thing they all share, though, is that they’re hands-on and take a pragmatic, analytical approach. We also pride ourselves on our down-to-earth attitude. That’s important in a job that requires you to think on your feet. You have to be able to analyse certain movements in the market quickly to turn them into solutions for clients. Fortunately, we all love a challenge, and that creates a certain feeling in the department. There’s an open, positive vibe, but the bar is high.

Men versus women

The department is mainly made up of men. That may be the way things have always been, but I think it’s time that started to change. I’m firmly convinced that men and women have the same level of expertise and professionalism. The only way we differ sometimes is how we approach our roles. Every single client is different, and that means our approach to each of them has to be different, too. Some women are more inclined to take a somewhat softer approach than their male colleagues. Their empathy can also give them deeper insight into clients. I think there should definitely be more of a balance. So to all those women out there who are on the fence, I say: Join the conversation, and have confidence in yourselves!


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