Developments in payments are never-ending

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I rejoined ABN AMRO nine months ago, this time as a Business Developer. It's very different to the way it was 15 years ago when I first worked here. I’m now in the Payments department, which obviously means we deal with everything relating to payments. It's an area with a very broad remit. One of the things I’m currently dealing with day-to-day is tokenization, the future-based payment method.

The bank makes it very easy for its employees to continue working on their own development, which is extremely satisfying. Maarten van Rutte Business Developer ABN AMRO

Introduction of Apple Pay

Essentially, tokenization is a technical solution for securing mobile payments. It’s based on encoded data, otherwise known as a token, and makes payments a lot more secure. A current example is Apple Pay, which ABN AMRO introduced into its own systems last week. With Apple Pay, you no longer have to carry a debit card but can pay using just your iPhone or Apple Watch. Which is ideal, since security and ease of payments are the future. 60% of payments are already contactless, and this is set to grow further given that everyone benefits if payments are more secure. Including the bank.

Customized developments

We’re always working on the latest developments that will benefit our client group. My own role is fairly wide-ranging. I study client requirements, make customer journeys and submit new propositions. I’m the link between IT, e-commerce and marketing, which means I’m closely involved with the marketing and strategy side of new payment products. Our top priority is to ensure that any developments tie in with our client group and their needs. For example, we were the first bank to offer wearables as a payment method. Apple Pay is one of the ways we’re continuing to meet these ongoing requirements.

Still an enjoyable challenge

I was well-versed in finance even before I joined ABN AMRO. I began my career with internships at various banks, including ING and Fortis, and also worked abroad for ABN AMRO.  It was a highly instructive period. But I also have a creative and entrepreneurial side I wanted to develop, so took a break from banking. But I eventually returned to ABN AMRO. I still find working here an enjoyable challenge, since developments in payments are never-ending. What’s more, the bank makes it very easy for its employees to continue working on their own development, which is extremely satisfying. So I certainly see myself staying here for a while.


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