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I regularly come across newspaper articles on property transactions I’m involved with. They’re usually published to announce the start of new projects, but there are background and profile pieces, too. All this media publicity is proof that the deals I help put together are some of the most newsworthy in the Netherlands. As part of the Real Estate Clients department, my team and I manage a number of major property portfolios worth at least 20 million euros. The media attention is nice because it validates all our hard work to make these projects a reality.

The combination of being at the office and on location is ideal for me. 100x100-Naut Biegel Naut Biegel Lending Manager with ABN AMRO Real Estate Clients


The Real Estate Clients department helps to finance the purchase of commercial property by clients – family offices, pension funds and foreign investors – looking to buy housing, retail and office space, and industrial real estate to let to third parties and thus earn a profit. My team assesses whether the type of property they’re looking to buy fits within our guidelines. A large office building in the city of Meppel, for instance, will require a different financing structure from that of a shop in Kalverstraat in the centre of Amsterdam. As a result, I spend a lot of my time doing property analysis and creating financing structures.

A dynamic market

It’s really a very rewarding job. Working for a large financial service provider often means you’re chained to a desk all day. Obviously, I do spend a lot of time at the computer, but I’m also out visiting clients and viewing properties. Just this morning, I was at a construction site walking around with my safety helmet on to see exactly what it is the bank is financing. The combination of being at the office and on location is ideal for me. In fact, I would truly recommend my job to anyone. The property market is very dynamic, and it’s exhilarating being right at the heart of it.

Cycling to client visits

For now, I’m happy where I am, but I do plan to eventually move on to other things at the bank. My ABN AMRO traineeship focused on this aspect, since it’s not good for anyone to stay with the same department all their working life. The bank offers staff a wide range of opportunities in that respect. But this is where I want to be right now. Later I’ll be biking over to see one of our clients to discuss a number of property options. I’m looking forward to helping him so that we can put together an exciting project!


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