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For me, having a certain amount of autonomy on the job is very important. That’s why I like working as a management consultant in one of the IT environments at the bank. In practice, my job involves initiating IT and other improvements, and researching and then implementing various solutions. Because I’m naturally inquisitive, the role is a good fit for me, giving me all the freedom I need to ask questions and nail things down. I’ve noticed that people generally appreciate it when you speak your mind at ABN AMRO. The freedom to speak frankly has created an open atmosphere, one I’ve been fortunate enough to take full advantage of over the last year.

One thing I’m struck by is the need in the IT sector to translate complex terminology into plain language. Corneline Sijtsema Corneline Sijtsema Management Consultant

Continuous innovation

The department I work for oversees the channels customers use to communicate with the bank. These include mobile applications and Internet Banking, as well as systems that call centres operate. Given all the recent developments in the online world, it’s essential that the bank continues to innovate and stay ahead of the game.

Plain language

My job as a management consultant mainly involves internal processes. I work for seven MT members, all of whom have their own concerns and wishes. One thing I’m struck by is the need in the IT sector to translate complex terminology into plain language. I personally don’t have a background in IT, so at the beginning, I found that translation process a difficult one. But now, nearly one year on, I’m adding value by writing things down in language that’s both accessible and understandable. As a result, we’re able to focus on the same things together, which in turn allows us to offer better service to our customers.

Latest technology

We’re currently working on a project that lets people sign on as new customers without having to complete any paperwork at all. Instead, they’re led through a process that leverages the very latest technological advances. For example, they can verify the photograph on their ID card or passport simply by taking a selfie. Solutions like these are so much more efficient and customer-friendly than past procedures were. My personal contribution to these projects is mainly indirect, but it’s so exciting to work in an environment where these solutions are being implemented every day.

Success stories help

Innovation also creates a dynamic working environment. This is particularly noticeable at the moment as we make the transition to agile working, an incremental software development methodology that breaks down big projects into smaller pieces, each of which leads to a specific, concrete result. The first teams to have adopted the methodology are all very excited about it, and the others can’t wait to get started. My job is to fully explain the agile working concept to staff. Success stories from the teams who have already switched are very helpful because they show just how much more employees are enjoying the work they do. For me personally, enjoying the work I do is essential. All the more reason to make agile working a success!


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