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Nowadays almost everything is digital – including at ABN AMRO. Fewer and fewer clients visit their local branches, much preferring to do their banking online. Although some people use their browsers, the Mobile Banking app for smartphones and tablets is now the most popular tool. Around eighteen months ago ABN AMRO set up a new Digital Banking department. Online Copywriter Ilja van Meulem works for the department’s E-commerce branch. She writes texts for the website and devotes much of her time to content marketing.

To me, the challenge lies in simplifying complex subject matter. Ilja van Meulem Ilja van Meulem Online Copywriter Digital Banking

‘I’m part of the Savings, Investments and Pensions team, and I’m in charge of Savings. I spend about half my time writing about savings products and campaigns for People are visiting brick-and-mortar banks less these days – they go online to find information. It’s great if their search leads them to ABN AMRO and they find whatever they need to know. I write my texts with this in mind. It might sound boring, writing about financial products and services,’ Ilja admits. ‘But actually it’s nothing of the sort. To me, the challenge lies in simplifying complex subject matter – that’s what I love doing.’

A new direction: content marketing

In her copywriting job, Ilja deals with various different departments within the bank, from Product Management to Group Economics and from CX to IT. She also works on content marketing for savings-related material. ‘I’m working hard to get this off the ground properly for savings material. This involves finding out what content our clients need, and through which channels we should share it. We make that content available using a variety of different ways: not only in text, but also infographics and videos. For me, content marketing is the best tool to add to our online communications. Happily I’m given all the scope I need to develop it within the organisation.’

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