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Tikkie is a hit: after just one week on the market, the app has more than 25,000 users and has received a top-10 download ranking, excellent ratings, enthusiastic feedback and good publicity.

The app has received much more attention than we dared to hope. Mattijs Knol Mattijs Knol Head of New Digital Business.

Even without the benefit of a campaign, the Tikkie app has taken off like a rocket, with an impressive 25,000 downloads within one week. Not only is the app a success in the store, but it’s been all over the media and spotlighted on the Dutch news site as one of the week’s best apps. Enthusiastic ABN AMRO employees are downloading the app en masse and are sharing the story with friends, family and acquaintances. ‘Initially, it was mainly our own employees who downloaded the app from the store, but now consumers outside the bank are in the majority – most of whom are not even ABN AMRO clients.’

App developed in four months

The idea was conceived when a number of employees got together and tried to figure out how to make small payments as easy as paying with cash. Freek de Steenwinkel, product owner of Tikkie, was one of the people at the drawing table. ‘A small team of us at Digital and IT then built the app in less than four months. That’s how we achieved a short time to market.’

Positive feedback

Any positive feedback from users, Mattijs? ‘Somebody asked, “Can I have the designer’s autograph?” The app’s user-friendliness was very much appreciated. It’s remarkable how many people took the trouble to compliment us.’ 

What was the biggest hurdle? Freek: ‘There’s the tendency to add on too much to good ideas. We managed to avoid this by testing everything on the target group. The biggest compliment we received from users was their praise for the app’s simplicity.’

Open to feedback

We quickly received feedback, which we used to make enhancements, confirms Mattijs. ‘This allowed us to improve a few things straight away. For instance, SNS bank clients can now make iDEAL payments, and the app has been adapted to a number of Samsung and Huawei models.’ It is as yet unclear whether Tikkie will be developed for Windows users. The team hopes that the app will be downloaded by a multiple of 25,000 by the end of this year.

More information

If you have any questions or would like to download the app, go to or To find out more about career opportunities at Digital Banking click here.


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