Sustainable banking

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Martijn van den Breul

As a retail bank, private bank and merchant bank, we are active in all quarters of society. In our view, sustainability encompasses all of the responsibilities that that entails. It means taking good care of our customers and colleagues, caring about the living environment, and thinking about the future. We do that by limiting the adverse impact of our activities and by putting positive initiatives in place. All of our staff in the Netherlands are working together on this.

Sustainable banking

Sustainability means more than reducing our ecological footprint (although we do so in all our primary processes). In very simple terms, sustainability means doing things that are good and not doing things that are bad. For example, it means taking responsibility for your customers, communicating clearly and only taking risks that are manageable.

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Is it working?

Yes it is, but we’re not there yet. We have ambitions rather than pretensions. It’s a dot on the horizon that we’re heading towards, and we’re upbeat about our prospects. With our size and expertise, we can achieve a great deal if we do the right things. That’s why we’re appealing to you as a colleague: empathise, come up with ideas and join in!

The difference shows

At ABN AMRO you’ll do work that makes a difference. We find ourselves at a unique, pivotal moment in our history. For a start, we’re partly reinventing the business of banking. And that means that we can offer you a very special, specific opportunity: to help us build a bank that is worthy of the future.

Anything else you can do?

Most definitely. It's about more than just switching the lights off when you go home. You can help people for whom success is not a matter of course, for instance by acting as a budget coach, helping people in financial difficulties get to grips with their finances. Why not take a look at the many options available through our Foundation?

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