Your development as a graduate

ABN AMRO werknemer Ewoud Schut

Graduates at ABN AMRO opt for job content. From day one, you’ll acquire practical knowledge of everything involved in building customer relationships or working as part of a large team at the head office. But you won't be alone: your mentor, your colleagues and your own ambition will help you on your way.

Straight down to work

As a starter at ABN AMRO, you'll get to enter the workplace right away. After all, you learn most when you're thrown in at the deep end. Depending on your role, from day one you'll be sitting down with clients who need your advice, or helping with the massive data migration into the cloud, or working on a way to purchase the same quality at better prices.

Choose your own path

You will discuss your career development with your mentor, using a clearly structured personal development plan. But becoming a subject specialist doesn't happen by itself: it takes a great deal of energy. Experience also plays an important role. So the earlier you gain that experience, the better. By broadening and deepening your knowledge from the very first day, you will become the professional you want to be.

After a year or two you will no longer be a graduate starter, but a subject specialist. Have you then learned all there is to learn? See what colleagues think.

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