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Mirjam Terlouw

In a graduate position at ABN AMRO you will develop within two years into a subject specialist in the bank. You will learn the profession through practical experience - on the work floor.


The future of banking is digital. That’s why we’re placing increasingly high demands on our IT professionals, whether it’s to do with security or the continuity of our business applications. We are currently involved in the largest IT project in our history, which involves transferring all our data to the cloud. It requires innovative colleagues who are keen to take up the challenge together.

Business Services

ABN AMRO employs 21,000 people across the whole of the Netherlands. They have to take decisions every day which make things better for our customers. You make that possible by ensuring that they have everything they need. Literally, in the form of materials, uncluttered offices or good catering; or figuratively, by making the right information available on time and keeping an eye on costs. You will then be helping build the bank that we want to be: accessible, efficient, intelligent and focused on solutions.

You can make the difference in one of three departments:

  1. Operations
    Together with your colleagues, you’ll be responsible for payment transactions. Whether it’s by reassuring customers who are victims of skimming or helping businesses make clear arrangements about payment and delivery, you’ll ensure the trouble-free use of our banking products for everyone.

  2. Facility Management
    You represent the vital functions of the bank. You will be in charge of cleaning companies, arrange for new computers and choose the best catering solutions for events. That way your colleagues in our offices can concentrate on our customers as well as possible.

  3. Procurement
    As a Procurement Officer you will be concluding contracts with suppliers. The amounts involved can sometimes run to tens of millions of euros. You have to be able to take a firm stance and bargain hard when negotiating without jeopardising the relationship with your supplier. It's real specialist work.

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