Quintin Milder

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“You’re only as good as your last assignment. That's what decides whether they ask you back.”

Freedom of action and challenging assignments. Being valued for your input and teamwork, and judged on your results. That’s why interim professional Quintin Milder has already enjoyed working on a number of assignments at ABN AMRO. And there's still plenty to do.

Puzzles with a beginning and an end

The performance management side of HR is what I like best. Projects with a beginning and an end, such as reorganisations or a new vacancy site. I love it when everything comes together: people, project management and organisational issues.

Third assignment

During the integration with Fortis Bank, I managed a project combining the two HR departments into a single system. I was then asked back to optimise HR products and services. The aim of my third assignment is to subsume the Mobility & Redeployment department under Recruitment and to configure a new service concept at the same time. I’m the project manager for this.

Conditions for success

You’re only as good as your last assignment. That's what decides whether they ask you back. You shouldn’t invest too much energy in non-productive activities. You can spend a whole day dealing with participation, budget and capacity issues, for example. At the same time, you shouldn't try to move too quickly. To get stakeholders on board, it’s better to have a chat over a cup of coffee about what you need and why you need it than to go in with all guns blazing.

Appreciation and collegiality

There’s a lot of expertise and love of the job at ABN AMRO. Colleagues are happy to help. They see that you’re adding value and they appreciate it. I could have done all my projects as a permanent employee, but I'd rather carry on as an interim professional. Then after a while you can say: it's done. What’s more I continue to develop and learn something new every day.

Next assignment

When my present assignment comes to an end, ABN AMRO might have another interesting offer for me. I wouldn't mind it at all; the challenging nature of the issues here means you're pleased to stay on.

More about Quintin

My specialist knowledge and wide-ranging experience as interim staff member allow me to quickly achieve project results.

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