ABN AMRO has to be constantly aware of changing client requirements, evolving market circumstances and new laws and regulations. IT plays an ever more important role here – which requires an Agile way of working as well as proactivity from our employees. In addition, there’s a growing need to provide assurance and added value to top management. At Group Audit, we take a flexible approach to these developments in terms of customised audits and activities. This forces our professionals to become innovative thinkers.

As part of this independent department, you’ll help minimise and manage the bank’s risks – not only in the Netherlands, but also in other countries in which ABN AMRO operates. You’ll evaluate the effectiveness of our governance, risk-management and control processes. If you specialise in IT Audit, then your audit activities will focus on Cloud developments or Information & Cyber Security issues, for example. Whatever specialism you’re in, the goal is the same: to provide the right advice to support the management in achieving their targets, and to improve the quality of our processes.

Everyone’s got talent!

Group Audit’s ambition is to put in place the best Internal Audit department. Whether that stands or fails comes down to the quality and diversity of our professionals. That everyone has talent is a given – and it’s something we want to invest in. For example, by offering a wide selection of courses, but also through learning on the job from your colleagues. Because the composition of the team changes constantly, you’ll get the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience quickly.

Small steps, big difference

By making even the smallest of changes, we can contribute to something very big indeed.

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