Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking serves businesses. It’s a market in which all clients have different needs and requirements – and we aim to provide every single one of them with a customised service. For example, we help self-employed freelancers start up a business, advise firms’ owner-managers on complex financial issues like – domestic and international – expansion, and prepare larger companies for IPOs.

What are you going to do?

As companies grow, so do the complexities of their organisation, their questions and their requirements. In parallel, the solutions we come up with need to grow to match these. Your advice will extend much further than just lending. You’ll be sharing a great deal of your sector knowledge, and you will need to be aware of products, legislation and regulations, as well as market and/or sector developments. After all, your dedication, knowledge and creativity determine the quality of your solutions.

International ambitions?

Our aim is to be the best corporate bank, with the highest level of client satisfaction and employing the best people. We’re looking for a wide range of professionals, from generalists to experts, from relationship managers to product and sector specialists, both locally and globally. Is your heart in corporate banking and are you attracted to an international career? Corporate Banking is the obvious choice for you. And our comprehensive product portfolio doesn’t just cover the Dutch economy: we follow our clients and are leading global players in Energy, Commodities & Transportation and Clearing - the twin driving forces behind our international growth ambitions.

ECT: the heart of the economy

"I’ve always said I wanted to work right in the beating heart of our economy."

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A new job every three years

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