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Joris Wijnen

At Corporate Banking, you’re the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. You make the difference between ‘I’ll look into that for you’ and ‘Have you thought about this yet?’. The quality of your advice reflects your commitment, knowledge and creativity. Whether you’re giving it in the staff canteen of a local entrepreneur or the boardroom of a Large Corporate Client.

What's your choice?

You help companies do business, especially via financing. For smaller companies, you’ll be a sparring partner and the bank’s regional representative. You’ll often build up very close relationships, e.g. with the owner-manager. The more companies grow, the more complex their organisation becomes, as do their needs and the relevant solutions. In that case, your advice will cover a broader spectrum than just lending. Moreover, as corporate finance or sector specialist you’ll be dealing with several managers, whole departments or even the Board of Directors. It’s never black and white of course, but in principle your core work will be determined by what you choose: personal relationships or specific financial topics.

Make the difference

Clients demand more skills and knowledge from Corporate Banking. They want a proactive sparring partner that thinks like an entrepreneur. A committed, intelligent specialist who adds value. That’s why you need to be fully up to speed with products, legislation and regulations and market and sector developments. Clients are knowledgeable, keep themselves very well informed, and expect answers from you that they couldn’t come up with themselves. You’ll also need to be on top of new limitations such as Basel III. Without subjecting the client to risks, you’ll point out other alternatives, such as Treasury or Cash Management.

What are your options

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