Digital Banking: ABN AMRO’s online store

Blocking your debit card with a few clicks and a swipe, or digitally engaging with an advisor. Not because it’s possible but because customers expect it – turning their wishes and requirements into concrete products and services is our job. Digital Banking is responsible for ABN AMRO Retail’s total service offering, broken down into three focus areas for the best possible service: e-Commerce, Digital Development & Interaction, and Strategy & Innovation.

Relevant together

We’re looking for a range of online specialists for our multidisciplinary teams, including optimisation specialists, online sales specialists and data analysts. By bringing different specialists together, we create an innovative catalyst for Retail Banking. Everything we do, we do for our customers: private individuals, self-employed freelancers, and small businesses. We don’t bother our customers with useless propositions; we only offer relevant products and services that contribute to their financial success.

The context: a serious business

Not every idea that is put forward gets taken further: what we do is governed by strict laws and regulations. This means that sometimes we need to do that bit more, or perhaps take a step back to achieve our goal. At the same time, the work that we do at ABN AMRO really matters. We have plenty of traffic waiting for you. For example, you might need to complete an A/B test within the space of a day. Make no mistake: with literally millions of contacts every month, a single slipup can have massive consequences for our clients. We need to handle them with extreme care, as we are dealing with one of the most important aspects of their lives: their financial health. This is a serious business.

Giving the bank an edge

Hardy Schuerhoff explains how new developments impact the Mobile Banking App.

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Simplifying complex subjects

Ilja van Meulem explains how she makes complex information about products and services as easy as possible for online visitors to understand.

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Preparing the shop for the day after tomorrow

Thomas van Tienoven explains how he uses strategy to prepare the online shop for the day after tomorrow.

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