Facility Management

Enabling colleagues to work and excel – that’s our core business at Facility Management. By creating comfortable workspaces in well-equipped departments in great, energy-efficient buildings, you do your bit to help the success of the bank’s clients.

What we do and who we do it for

Facility Management is in charge of office space for the entire bank. It’s a massive portfolio, as it includes all offices housing employees and all branch offices where we welcome our clients. From quiet rooms to ‘hot zones’, we come up with innovative workspace formats based on user requirements, set them up and take care of their maintenance. Transparency and sustainability have become our key drivers. Unsustainable wood? Forget it – it’s not going to happen. Recycling or re-use? If possible, yes please! And it’s working – our head office has won the BREEAM certificate for the most sustainable ‘in-use office building’ in the world. 

So what’s next? A completely circular pavilion built in Amsterdam’s Zuidas financial district. Our Facility colleagues share all the knowledge they’ve learned with other departments at ABN AMRO. The bank’s clients benefit, too, as we contribute to making their properties more sustainable. No wonder we’re much sought-after business partners.

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