Facility Management

Astrid Abdoelkarim

Facility Management at ABN AMRO has been setting an example in proactive thinking and sustainable conduct for years. We contribute to our customers’ success via our colleagues. We do this by providing comfortable work stations in well-equipped departments in pleasant, energy-efficient buildings.

What do we do?

Facility Management looks after accommodation for the whole bank. It's a gigantic portfolio, covering not only the offices where colleagues work but all locations where we receive our customers. You’ll share responsibility for ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and welcome there, and that your colleagues can do their work as efficiently and responsibly as possible. From the first great cup of coffee in the morning until the light goes out automatically in the evening.

For whom?

Facility Management has just one customer: our customer. Whatever your job, you’ll understand that every request you receive and every decision you take is ultimately intended to provide our customers with a faster and better service. There are countless ways of doing that, but thinking in terms of sustainability is very important. You will be given the chance to help reduce our footprint considerably. Among the things we are actively engaged in are the following:

Vacancies at Facility Management

There are lots of positions within this specialist field, but we regularly recruit the following in any event:

Whatever your job description, we are keen for you to show us your talents and to help us build sustainably towards a better bank. Opportunities will then present themselves automatically for you to grow within this specialist field. Or even outside it, because we are a large organisation. Perhaps you’ll know all about this before long.

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