Finance Control

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The Finance department works proactively with regulators, who repeatedly set new demands. Moreover, we can see more clearly how we want to configure our organisation. We are building an accessible and uniform financial platform which will enable us to provide the business with reliable information fast and efficiently.

Know the playing field

It goes without saying that if you have a financial background in Finance, you can fit in anywhere within the bank. This professional area occupies a key position within ABN AMRO. That means there are regular vacancies in such departments as:

Or drive the business

You could opt for a decentralised position instead. In that case your job would be to challenge the business from a position of autonomy and influence its financial affairs. There are four Business Lines within ABN AMRO, each with its own CFO and department.


The financial world is still as hectic as ever. What’s more, we have a new challenge: to establish a professional financial organisation that provides even better support for the business. We’re building a new financial platform from which we can provide the business with accessible reports in a uniform way and at every stage. We also need your expertise for Basel III and other new legislation and regulations.

Share your knowledge

Developments within Finance never seem to cease, which is why we have to constantly keep our knowledge up to date. We do that by organising themed knowledge sessions, for instance, as well as a Finance master class in collaboration with PwC.

Show your social side

Your expertise is only valuable if others within the organisation can also make use of it, so that ultimately the customer benefits from it. We are therefore looking for Finance professionals who are both intelligent and social.

What are your options

There are numerous vacancies within Finance. We regularly recruit:

Check for suitable vacancies.

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