When it comes to figures at ABN AMRO, whatever happens is under a magnifying glass. We’re under scrutiny from regulators, directors, society and even politicians. That’s understandable, of course, because money is the core of our business. As the Finance department, this gives us the opportunity to really crack the code and make a meaningful contribution to the right decisions. For example, by getting our capital and liquidity ratios to the right level, or by contributing to comprehensible products for our clients.

The story behind the numbers

Finance ensures that the numbers are both in good order and available. But just as importantly, we’re aiming for more and more integrated reporting in which we explain the context behind the numbers and what’s going on within and around the bank. Whether we’re making presentations to the Supervisory Board, the annual report, or reporting to regulators or investors, we’re always going for a good story that’s as easy to understand as possible. 

The bank’s management uses this information to make strategic decisions. In investment cases, for example, we come up with the right analysis and the right context to support the choices available. Does the business case make sense? Should we invest or not? These are challenging questions – and the numbers play a large part in defining the answer. That’s where you really see our value. Don’t expect routine work, because the bank is complex – the valuation of financial assets and liabilities is quite the brainteaser. Add to that the impact of continuously changing laws and regulations and you’ll see that our field of work is nothing if not complex.

Who we’re looking for

You understand that finance isn’t something you just do behind a desk. It’s about venturing out, gaining insights within the bank, and learning from experienced colleagues. Because ABN AMRO is a fully integrated bank, you won’t get bored quickly. You’ll find every financial specialisation, which we’ve split into five teams – each with their own focus:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Asset & Liability Management
  • Treasury
  • Tax
  • Controlling

Exciting opportunities for women

I know from experience that there are plenty of exciting opportunities for women in the thrilling and dynamic world of mergers and acquisitions.

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