Private Banking

At Private Banking we advise wealthy private individuals on how to protect their wealth, and how to structure it so that it can safely grow over time.

In addition to a private banker and an investment adviser, there’s always a team of financial experts available. There are plenty of opportunities in Private Banking – not just for relationship managers, wealth managers and financial specialists. We’re also regularly looking for marketeers, product managers and consultants. Whether you’re securing wealth for the future or giving advice on how to choose the best form of investment, you’ll work with your Private Banking colleagues to find solutions that best meet the various requirements of our clients.

Working abroad

You can find us where our clients are. That’s why we have around 4,000 colleagues, the majority of whom work abroad in Private Banking International. Wherever our clients are, we offer them the same service around the world.

Not your average banking job

"If they act sustainably, I believe, large established companies can make a real impact."

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