Project & Process Management

As a project or process manager, you’re one of the bridge builders at the bank. You bring projects and processes to a successful conclusion time and time again. Whether we see an improvement opportunity and decide to take a project-based approach, or whether we’re resolving bottlenecks in processes – it’s our job to connect the business lines with the support functions of the bank

We get rid of waste in the chain; we bring the right specialists together around the table; and we look out for shared interests and priorities. And of course, we also pay attention to schedule and budget. This is how we optimise ABN AMRO’s services and contribute to a LEAN bank that’s ever more agile and ready for the future. That’s what the Project & Process Management field at ABN AMRO means.

Director of change

As a project or process manager, you improve processes by bringing the right people together. Teamwork is essential here. The projects you’re working on can be far-reaching. By analysing change requirements, formulating realistic goals and generating support, it’s possible to implement improvements effectively and efficiently. And through continuously monitoring progress, you know exactly which way to steer.