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You won't find customers standing around the coffee machine. You'll find them in their own company, which is why you will visit them there regularly as an ambassador of the local bank. To talk to them about opening a second shop, for example, but also to offer a helping hand when the going gets tough. As a Relationship Manager you understand the world of small and medium-sized businesses and work with them to explore opportunities.

We are eager to build a successful future with our SME customers in five regions. To help us achieve this, we need Relationship Managers who manage their portfolios with the right mix of knowledge and skills. This means that you must:

Entrepreneurs take decisions and ask questions in their factory, office or workplace. Visit them there and talk to them; we give you the freedom to take decisions and assess the possibilities.


We can only give you the space to do your job in your way if we can be certain that we are sending you out into the field equipped with the right knowledge. We will support you in this by offering all compulsory NIBE-SVV courses. In addition, you can choose from a range of training courses, such as an intensive one-year credit curriculum, a credit internship at Risk Management or an extensive Learning & Development programme.

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