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Juliette de Bruijn, Trainee

Are you curious about what it would be like to work at a bank? The ABN AMRO Traineeship offers you every opportunity to find out. This all-round rollercoaster might well be the most instructive time of your life. In twelve months you learn how the bank works, gain experience in several parts of the bank and see how we contribute to our customers’ success.

Give your career a flying start, with every opportunity to develop into the professional you aspire to be. Regardless of whether you want to climb the corporate ladder, or broaden or deepen your knowledge.

Training programme

The programme starts with a central kick-off.  For a week, you will spend a lot of time with your fellow trainees. You’ll hear stories, share your experiences and create a strong bond straightaway. This is both fun and useful, as by getting to know your buddies for the next twelve months, you’ll be building up your future network from day one.

With the blast of the starting whistle still ringing in your ears, you’ll be expected to really get down to work. You’ll start in your preferred specialist field  straightaway, where you can get your teeth into a challenging assignment from day one. Make no mistake: the level is demanding. That’s why you will be coached intensively, and you will not be alone. You’ll work together with the most diverse people. In addition, you’ll get the freedom to make your own choices and discover where your talent can best be directed. Depending on your initial specialist field, you’ll follow several specific, subject-related courses. You will also receive a personal budget to invest in your development as you see fit.  

The best coaching

You will receive support from several people during your traineeship:

They will help you find your way through the organisation, outline the possible career paths open to you and provide you with intensive support.

It's a team effort

You are unique, and that’s why we want you on board. But that also goes for your colleagues; each has their own story and background. The show doesn’t revolve around just you – this wouldn’t serve our clients. You can only excel in banking if you learn from one another, improve one another and find the right balance between claiming success and allowing your colleagues to have success.

Building your network

We will be delighted to help you build relationships across the bank which last throughout your career. There is a special network developed for and by trainees - the Next Generation Network.

If you would also like to continue your development outside office hours, you could get in touch with the ABN AMRO Foundation. You can put your knowledge to good use, for example by teaching children how to handle money responsibly.

You can also join the Young Bankers Association, a network club for bankers aged up to 36 years. They organise a variety of activities each year, bringing you into contact with colleagues from all over the organisation.

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