Your trainee programme

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Malika Mouhdi, Trainee

Dozens of trainees join ABN AMRO every year, on their way to a career in the financial services industry. They’re all enterprising people, with hearts as well as brains. They’re highly talented individuals who are keen to excel, preferably as part of a team and never at the expense of others.

You can go far

Your traineeship is the beginning of a thriving career at ABN AMRO. You’ll work on challenging projects, receive intensive coaching, attend instructive training sessions and even receive a salary for it. Rightly so, because you’ll have plenty of responsibility. In addition, we are asking a lot of you: not only full dedication, but also the ability to make others better and make your contribution to a new form of banking.

Your job

As a Trainee you’ll spend a year working on yourself. Where else would you get an opportunity like that? Not surprisingly, it comes with plenty of responsibility. From day one, you will be involved in complex projects that influence the work and lives of many people. For instance, you might be performing market research, preparing in-depth financial analyses or helping build a five-star app.

Choose your own assignments

A traineeship consists of two larger, professional assignments within your preferred specialist field and a hands-on assignment for a client and You will also participate in a development programme with various intensive training sessions that focus on your professional and personal growth. All assignments revolve around you getting to know our customer. You will also receive intensive coaching.

You’re in charge

During your traineeship, you map out your own route. And don’t forget your fellow-trainees. Given their very different backgrounds, it is particularly stimulating to exchange ideas with them about your assignments and personal development. We’re also bringing you on board because we’d like to benefit from your thoughts and ideas. About the future of the bank, for instance, and how we can work together to shape it. What we are actually saying is: go ahead and organise it, because we trust you.

When can you start?

You can start your trainee programme at various times of the year. It’s up to you. In 2016 you can start in March and September Check out the currently available vacancies in the list of vacancies.

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