IT Internship - Software Development Shift Left - Amsterdam

  • Posting Date: 22-03-2018
  • Vacancy number: 11566

At a glance

For this assignment we are looking for at least HBO or WO Bachelor graduate students. Studies which apply for this assignment should cover the following subjects: Software Development, Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance.  For this assignment you will be working in the ABN AMRO Centre of Expertise Software Development. You will be helping ABN AMRO Software Engineers to figure out what the best practises are for testing software as early as possible during the development phase. This is also known as “Shift Left”.

Your job

Introduction:Happy flow programming is easy, taking into account everything that can go wrong is difficult. There are many theories on how to properly take into account non-functional requirements such as maintainability, reliability in early stages of the software development life cycle. Shift left testing is an approach to software testing and system testing in which testing is performed earlier in the lifecycle (i.e., moved left on the project timeline). It is the first half of the maxim "Test early and often.“ Why is it that transferring these theories into practice is so hard? What is it that more often than not a software engineer does not tackle what can go wrong earlier in the process? Problem:ABN AMRO has a long history in software development and certain processes and procedures have become habits. For instance validating quality at a very late stage, by having the bulk of tests in the acceptance environment. Although most stakeholders are aware of this and see the need to move a lot of this work to the development and test phases, the pace of adoption and practical implementations is still too low. Research questions:The main problem is the adoption of proper testing at development time. As a result, the main research question is:What are the best practices for shifting as many tests as possible to the development phase? Other underlying research questions might be: 

  • How can the quality of Unit Tests be validated and improved?
  • How can performance tests be implemented in the development or test phase?
  • How can availability tests be implemented in the development or test phase?

Your working environment

You will be working in the Centre of Expertise Software Development (CoE SD). Thisis the software development knowledge centre of ABN AMRO. This is a team of passionate professionals from ABN AMRO and partners. Its goal is to set standards on software delivery and continuously help delivery domains in improving the software quality and speed of  software delivery to make it more efficient. This enables the business to deliver functionality faster. The CoE SD (amongst others) is responsible for the implementation of CI/CD (Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery) within ABN AMRO. Part of CI/CD is the need for better software quality at an earlier stage in the software development lifecycle.

Your profile

You are at least an HBO or WO Bachelor graduate student.Your study includes the following subjects: Software Development, Software Testing and Software Quality Assurance.  You've already demonstrated that you can study. Now it's time to work on your career. Or perhaps you’re still studying but you’re looking for an opportunity to move your knowledge out of the textbooks and into practice? During your internship you’ll experience what it’s like to work for a large, commercial IT organisation and you’ll find out what you’re good at.The choice is yours: what’s your future at the bank?

What we offer

The world of banking is changing rapidly and ABN AMRO Bank is changing with it. Therefore we  invest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Robotics, VR, apps & APIs, risk as a service, IT security, new business models and much more. Banking is not only about storing and transferring your money anymore, we go beyond banking. Help us, together with our 6000 IT professionals, to change the world of banking as it is!


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