Franklin van den Berg

Together with my colleagues, I’m working to combat criminal attacks.


I joined the world of ABN AMRO 14 years ago. Thanks to my contacts with international suppliers, I feel like I spend a few moments abroad every day. I’m currently working with my colleagues on a daily basis to combat criminal attacks targeting cash machines.


I’ve already had lots of jobs at ABN AMRO. I’d find myself rolling out new software in our head office in Kazakhstan one year, and then working on the new internet banking website in Amsterdam the next year. Now I’m a Project Manager, a job I’m well suited for.

My passion

Travel is my greatest passion, although it has become more difficult now that I have three kids at home. Fortunately, I do get to travel for my work. After a conference in Monaco, for example, I’ll enjoy a quick beer at the port and watch the world go by.

My week

My week consists mainly of meetings and conference calls. The challenge is not to overlook anything. On the occasions that errors do occur, taking responsibility is very important. As I always say, ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen’

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