Joost Beers

During my internship at the bank, I've been given the freedom to show what I can do.


My degree involves learning about the sustainable development of businesses through innovation and creativity. A helpful colleague told me about an internship at the Sales Innovation department, where work is in full swing to get the bank ready for a sustainable and successful future.


I am currently working on a project about working at the bank in 2020. I'm researching what today's students consider important in this regard. It's very interesting to expose the differences between generations, and it’s valuable information for the future.

My passion

I have an infinite passion for electric guitars. I don't just play them, I appreciate them as works of art and the stories behind them fascinate me hugely. I also enjoy doing odd jobs around the house. I like making things more attractive or more functional.

My week

I don't really have such a thing as a standard week. It all depends on what I'm working on and where. Sometimes I’ll be out of the office for discussions with hands-on experts, while at other times I might be gaining knowledge internally by sharing ideas with colleagues.

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