Joris Wijnen

Offering small and medium-sized companies business opportunities with the right financing in a turbulent market. That is a huge achievement every day.


I am from the southern part of the Netherlands and went to the Hotel School in Maastricht. I am no exception – there are plenty of people from the hotel industry working in banking. As a bank, we could learn a lot about hospitality from that industry, like tailoring our business model to customer needs even more closely. I have been living in Amsterdam for around seven years now and feel very much at home here. I love the city’s vitality and diversity.


After completing my traineeship at the bank, I started out as a Relationship Manager for the SME sector. This was the ideal learning experience, because I was in direct contact with customers and gained experience with every aspect of banking. I am now working as a Lending Product Manager for the SME market, managing credit products and developing new products. I can put my business experience to good use here on a daily basis.

My passion

I really enjoy sports. Besides winter sports, I am addicted to competitive cycling. Every year I take a cycling trip with friends in the Italian Alps.  I’m am also fascinated by cabaret and, increasingly, by art. Laughing is healthy, and art and culture shed light on things from a different perspective. Sometimes, a film or a certain piece of music really touches me.

My week

Digitisation and increasing legislation and regulations mean that we constantly have to respond to the current state of play, and that makes my work very diverse. I have a lot of contact with other banks and external stakeholders, such as accountants, MKB Nederland [Dutch small and medium-sized business association] and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. We are working hard to offer greater transparency and to provide information on lending.

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