Malika Mouhdi

I have been given a lot of responsibilities straightaway and receive proper supervision from colleagues at different levels. That is what makes working at the bank so great.


I completed a versatile International Facility Management in June and have now begun my career at ABN AMRO. I make sure colleagues can perform to the best of their ability, so that customers receive the best service. I find that very satisfying.


I was treated like a fully-fledged colleague right from my first assignment and was given my own specific responsibilities. The supervision provided at different levels has also been very good for my personal development. It’s what makes working at the bank so great.

My passion

I like to spend my free time with my family and friends, which I really enjoy. I’m involved with various social projects as well and I blog about the things that matter to me. I also take every opportunity to travel!

My week

I spend a few days a week in Amsterdam to discuss on-going business and the latest developments with colleagues. Otherwise I work from home a lot or from a flex site in Rotterdam. The New World of Work is ideal for me and really suits a modern bank.

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