Martijn van den Breul Matao

My work feels like a hobby, which gives energy.


In my life before ABN AMRO, I was a successful dressage rider representing the Netherlands at international competitions. My time as a professional sportsman shaped me, which means that I want to get the best out of my job every day.


I have one of the coolest and most diversified jobs within the organisation. Our department researches the impact on employees of social trends and the bank’s strategic choices.  So, we often find ourselves working on new things and we have a lot of freedom.

My passion

As can be expected, my passion is and remains training horses and riding competitions. I am still quite intensively engaged in those activities, alongside my job. To me, physically developing a horse is the greatest thing there is. It gives me a huge amount of energy.

My week

Innovation is the main theme in my work. I generate ideas, either by myself or with a team, for instance through company visits. We develop the ideas and try to create support within the bank. Then we implement them.

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