It’s the precision side of HR that I love: solving puzzles by connecting people, processes and systems.


After my degree I immediately joined the HR profession. I’ve done a lot of things, but my strength is solving HR issues on a project basis. Working towards a result and connecting people, processes and systems. More the precision side of HR, as it were.


I’ve done all sorts of HR projects: integration, amalgamating, decoupling and improvement. As interim project manager, I’m now in the middle of a reorganisation. We’ve devised a new service concept and are implementing it together. Another fine people-process-system puzzle.

My passion

I enjoy barbecuing, which I’d gladly do all year long. No factory-farmed charred chicken for us, but poached oysters with champagne sabayon. Also: quality time with our three hooligans. On the sports front, the New York marathon is still on my bucket list.

My week

I like to start the day early, at around seven or seven thirty. Then it’s a round of meetings: liaising with colleague project managers, giving presentations and trouble-shooting. But also brainstorming ways to solve the puzzle, or how to put the client’s ideas to good use.

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