Roderik Rensen

Every week is different. But as a team we learn from each other every day. We all want to grow in our discipline.


After my traineeship I was a Branch Manager, with ultimate responsibility and with a lot of customer contact. Nevertheless, I preferred improving processes to selling products. Now I work in project management. My best project? Setting up our new office in Singapore.


As Head of Department, I am responsible for all changes within Operations. This is the business unit where we do manually what can’t be done automatically. From checking credit files to tracking down failed payment transactions and arranging cash transport.

My passion

My absolute passion is motorcycling. Speed, freedom and clearing your mind. I really enjoy things like a tour of Scotland or Germany with a few friends, though I don't make so many of those trips now, since my son was born last year.

My week

You never know in advance what the week is going to be like, with all our different projects. As a team, we learn from each other every day and we all want to grow in our discipline. That means that we can help our customers and colleagues in Operations more quickly and more effectively.

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