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About OVG real estate

OVG real estate is an international property developer and pioneer in the real estate sector in the field of sustainability. Inspired by Al Gore and the Clinton Global Initiative, OVG has embodied a new, responsible and affordable way of developing buildings that takes into account the future scarcity of energy, land and other resources.

OVG real estate's needs

OVG’s client, Deloitte, wanted to merge two office locations. Its wish was the development of new office building, located at the Zuidas commercial district in the vicinity of Amsterdam’s VU University, with a very high BREEAM certification. OVG was looking for a partner with shared vision and beliefs, to finance this sustainable project.

Relevant factors

Our approach

We have been a trusted advisor to OVG since 2006. We enjoy an on-going dialogue with OVG concerning future developments, so we were aware of this project from a very early stage. And because we want to support sustainable development and innovation, and believe in OVG’s plans, we proactively indicated that we wanted to be involved in this project.

Our solution

We provided project financing and incorporated a special government guarantee (GO incentive). And an interest swap to absorb interest fluctuations during the construction financing. This transaction contributes to our ambition to make property development in the Netherlands more sustainable.