Dealinformatie DVM

About DVM

Dijkhuis Vastgoed Management (DVM) builds and exploits its own real estate, specifically in Amsterdam. The redevelopment of existing buildings is the ultimate example of sustainability according to DVM. It often involves buildings with a unique character. This gives their projects a distinctive look.

DVM's need

An exceptional opportunity arose at the time that 11 vacant office buildings along the canals in Amsterdam were offered for sale at once. For the redevelopment of these properties, DVM was looking for a party that acted as a strategic partner and gave the confidence needed by jointly stepping into this project.

Relevant factors

Our approach

ABN AMRO has been excited about the potential of these 11 buildings from the beginning. There has been an on-going dialogue with DVM on the precise nature of the redevelopment. Due to their exceptional track record and because we have a long-term relationship for over 50 years, we could give the confidence needed to make this project a success.

Our solution

To make this unique transformation possible, we have provided a project financing. ABN AMRO support sustainable development in real estate. The reuse of existing buildings is a good example of this. These buildings have been around for centuries and this renovation will ensure they’re future-proof for the coming decades.