Dealinformatie Nidera

About Nidera

Nidera is an international producer, trader and marketer of agricultural and bioenergy products and services. They are a supply chain business, an efficient connector between commodity producers and users. With strong traditional roots in Europe and South America. Their customers rely upon their established global network for consistent supply.

Nidera's needs

Nidera has been looking for a strategic partner to jointly invest in their growth plan. Based on COFCO’s domestic market position in China and Nidera’s international trading network, COFCO and Nidera will create a worldclass global agriculture company, which is bound to play a significant role in the global grain and oil markets.

Relevant factors

Our approach

We leveraged our comprehensive Corporate Finance and Agri commodities sector knowledge to assist in the preparation and execution of this complex transaction. Our experience in cross-border, cross-continent auctions, particularly with Asian bidders, ensured that their specific needs were addressed throughout the process. This lead to a very demanding process being managed across three continents, but resulted in greater competitive tension and higher valuations for the selling shareholders.

Our solution

As sole financial advisor to Nidera we took part in the preparations of the transaction and have been closely involved during the subsequent negotiations and the due diligence process. By thoroughly understanding the needs of the client and translating these into concrete actions by our dedicated deal team, we supported Nidera throughout the entire process. Combined with our extensive knowledge of the agri commodities sector, we acted as sole Financial Adviser to Nidera in the sale of the company to COFCO.