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About Reggefiber

Reggefiber is a joint venture of KPN and Reggeborgh, specialised in the installation of “fibre to the home”. Since 2005, when they started, they have become active in over 200 municipalities in the Netherlands and have already connected over 1,7 million households.

Reggefiber's needs

To finance the further roll-out of Reggefiber’s network, they were looking for new financing sources, in addition to their existing bank loans. The usually long-term investment horizon of institutional investors was a perfect match with the infrastructural character of the fibre network they were building.

Relevant factors

Our approach

ABN AMRO offered an innovative construction where long-term financing was matched with assets that also have a long-term economic durability, and that are estimated to deliver stable cash flows in the years to come. The revenues of the subscriptions from the fibre network will (partly) be paid to institutional investors, in the form of interest on the financing.

Our solution