About Wessanen

Royal Wessanen is an international food company. The production of organic and sustainable food is their core activity. They manage and develop brands and products for supermarkets and health food stores. Wessanen is the European market leader in this field and operates in amongst others France, the Benelux, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany.

Wessanen's needs

Wessanen is internationally active, and that means having a good overview of all global transactions is essential. A clear overview helps them to optimize their working capital. Wessanen had a clear and detailed picture of their desired international Cash Management structure. They were in search of a bank that could offer a single European Cash & Liquidity solution.

Relevant factors

Our approach

There was only limited time to respond to Wessanen’s Request for Proposal. ABN AMRO met the deadline and presented a complete and customized proposal. The proposed framework as well as our approach was highly appreciated. We have a shared no-nonsense mentality and we showed excellent teamwork.

Our solution

Access Online is a state-of-the-art international cash management system. It provides complete access to all global transactions and thus control. And multi-bank reports. To optimize their working capital, Wessanen can use zero balancing and cash pooling. Foreign subsidiaries are supported by our local presence and expertise.