Equity Brokerage and Research

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Our service offering

ABN AMRO is a leading provider of Equity Brokerage & Research services to institutional investors and primary equity services to companies. We have a strong position in equity issuance and corporate actions such as IPOs, rights issues, block trades and share buy-backs. This coupled with our banking relationships with corporate clients, gives us outstanding access to company management which directly benefits our institutional clients.

Through the collaboration of our research, sales and execution teams, we aim to provide institutional investors with bespoke solutions that match their investment criteria. A consistent flow of in-depth research, strong alpha generation, corporate access and best execution should help investors meet their investment goals. Our equity brokerage capabilities have been built around the region (Benelux+) and sectors (Energy, Commodities, Transport, Financial Institutions and Real Estate) that are most relevant to our clients and the wider bank.

Our dedicated client services are recognized by our clients, who rankedĀ us Nr 1 Extel Benelux Best Benelux Broker.

Our team

Our team consistsĀ of close to 40 professionals based in Amsterdam, Oslo and New York. We have a client centric approach that is driven by expertise and intimate client knowledge enabling us to provide added value solutions tailored to your needs.

Bram Fiselier

Bram Fiselier

Head of Equity Sales & Sales Trading

Wim Gille

Wim Gille

Head of Equity Research


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