ABN AMRO publishes external sustainability ratings

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Sustainable investing

Socially responsible investors are increasingly interested in sustainability qualifications. Since 2012, ABN AMRO has  been publishing the assessment scores it receives from external Sustainable Rating Agencies.

Below is an overview of the latest ratings.

Sustainable Rating Agency Focus Rating 2013 Latest rating change
oekom research AG Provider of information on social and environmental performance of companies, sectors, and countries. C (Prime) 05/09/2013
IMUG Provider of consultancy and research services on socially responsible investment, market research and marketing. Positive 21/12/2012
Sustainalytics Provider of sustainability research and analysis on responsible investment and socially responsible investment. 71 (out of 100) 02/12/2012

Benchmark Rating 2013 Rating 2012 Rating 2011
Transparency benchmark 176 (van 200) 153 (van 200) 122 (van 200)


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