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The cost of fraud in financial transactions last year was €33.3 million; 1 in 8 people in the Netherlands were victims of cybercrime; cybercrime is set to become more and more of a problem in the short term. These are just some of the news items that have appeared on the subject of cybersecurity in recent months.

Government raises awareness for prevention

The Dutch government is also emphasising the importance of digital security, warning that the country’s economy might even be affected by cyber-attacks. The authorities are highlighting the risks to the Dutch earning model and are working to raise awareness of the importance of security. "If our cybersecurity is up to scratch, the Netherlands might also gain a valuable edge as a trading partner."

Sense of urgency in business sector slow to grow

Despite all the attention in the media, SMEs appear to be slow to recognise the urgency. However, the level of understanding at companies is increasing and business owners know and acknowledge the risks. Nevertheless, numerous companies have failed to take sufficient measures as yet. For example, a survey conducted by ABN AMRO last spring shows that digital security is virtually non-existent at 20% of businesses. One often-quoted reason is lack of technical proficiency. In addition, 24% of business owners never update their software, which is one of the principal methods of protecting against malicious software.

Test your online security

The free Online Security Check offers businesses a quick and easy way of testing their online security. More details are available at; further information about what you can do to improve your security is also provided.

Online Security Package

If the check shows that your company should take further steps to improve your online security, you might consider ABN AMRO’s Online Security Package. This package uses antivirus software to help prevent problems and offers insurance to cover your losses if any incidents occur.


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