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Dutch TV programme 'Kassa' is scheduled to report on incorrect payment transactions, for the second time, on Saturday 18 October 2014. The programme may give viewers the impression that errors were made during the transition from old bank account numbers to new IBAN numbers in customers' internet-banking address lists. This is by no means the case. Whenever customers made payments to wrong accounts, it turned out that the wrong account number had already been saved in these customers' address lists before the transition to IBAN.

We urge our customers to keep their address lists up to date. If a customer selects an old bank account number in his address list, the payment may end up going to the wrong account. The bank will point this out to customers on its website. By law, banks are not allowed to cancel unintentional payments. We can, if a customer asks us to, mediate between our customers and the wrongful receiver of the payment.

Fortunately, customers rarely make payments to the wrong account. Only a small proportion of payments via mobile banking and internet banking are made incorrectly.


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