ABN AMRO and Florius to grant mortgages to workers without permanent contracts

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From late November forward, it will become easier for workers with flexible employment contracts to find a mortgage: ABN AMRO and Florius are set to join a pilot (initiated by Obvion, Randstad and Dutch homeowners’ association Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH)) where a statement of prospects is used as the basis for establishing income security. Previously, mortgage applications of workers with flexible employment contracts were considered based on their job security.

Michiel Meijer, Head of Product Marketing Mortgages at ABN AMRO, explains, ‘More and more people nowadays have flexible employment contracts. Looking at the future rather than the past brings homeownership within easier reach of flexible workers. We are very happy that we can accommodate our clients in this fashion.’

Rabobank, Aegon, ING and SNS Bank are also set to join this initiative. The individual’s job prospects are the determining factor in the statement of prospects (perspectiefverklaring). A statement of prospects will potentially be issued based on a consideration of the individual’s educational background, competencies, job level and flexibility, combined with the situation on the regional labour market.

Obvion, Randstad and VEH introduced the system of statements of prospects in December 2013. Since that time, 27 clients of Obvion have been granted mortgages based on these statements, and 167 workers at Randstad, Yacht and Tempo Team have been issued statements of prospects.


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