Dutch business community to be run by a hundred children for one day

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Little business kids

Today, a hundred children from around the country will take over from a boss, a CEO, a director, a mayor or an editor-in-chief during the Future Bosses event organised by JINC. JINC is an association that helps young people between the ages of 8 and 16 to find their feet on the job market. JINC and the participating companies hope that this ‘super-fast on-the-job training’ will allow children growing up in areas where unemployment is high and role models are few to see how important it the right start on the job market is for all talented youngsters.

The project involve a diverse group of ‘bosses’ from around the country: from the bosses of companies such as railway company NS, ABN AMRO Bank and PostNL up to and including the Mayor of Eindhoven, a King’s Commissioner, the editor-in-chief of RTL Nieuws and the directors of Artis Zoo and Maasstad Hospital. Schoolchildren from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Almere, Brabant, The Hague and Kennemerland will spend one day learning what it is like to be in charge of a company or similar organisation. At the same time, this event is an opportunity for them to show what they can do, and more importantly how their minds work, if they change places with a real boss for one day. These ‘Future Bosses’ will be taking seats in meetings, speaking to staff, joining brainstorming sessions, expressing their views and giving interviews.

Role models and inspiration

In the Netherlands there are over 500,000 young people – 1 in 9 children – living below the poverty threshold. Many of these are growing up on neighbourhoods where unemployment is high and education is generally lacking. As a result they have few role models or examples to show what their options are on the job market. ‘JINC’s Future Bosses project is a way of showing children a world that they do not see in their home environment,’ explains Daniel Roos, director of JINC. ‘JINC believes that every child deserves a fair chance. That is why they are learning what options are available on the job market and what skills they need. Future Bosses by JINC is an inspirational experience that gives talented kids a nudge in the right direction.’


At the end of the day all the bosses and children will gather in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. At a JINC Future Bosses conference they will share their experiences and give each other tips. The event will close with a look ahead to the future.


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