ABN AMRO and Aangetekend launch online contract signing method

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As from 1 November, ABN AMRO offers a 100% safe and legal method for signing business documents such as sale agreements and contracts and sending them by email.

The company Aangetekend Mailen has been offering a similar service since 2011, allowing customers to transfer their documents legally and securely by email. In their process, the recipient signs documents by means of a digital signature, combining the efficiency of a digital process with the security of regular certified mailing.

This digital signature will now be linked to iDIN, the new online identification method used by Dutch banks and the Betaalvereniging (Dutch Payment Association). This link makes the signature fully secure, providing a remote way of getting contracts and other documents legally signed. On 1 November, ABN AMRO and Aangetekend B.V., which is a strategic partner of KPN, launched a pilot for a number of the bank's business clients.

Companies experience a growing need to certify the identity of their online clients and users. With their new service featuring iDIN (enabling customers to confirm their identity), ABN AMRO and Aangetekend are responding to this need. As Commercial Director Aangetekend Philip Voogt puts it, “Incorporating iDIN is the logical next step in the ongoing digitisation of client processes. Developing this service in cooperation with ABN AMRO is a prime example of how the financial sector is embracing innovation.”

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Since its inception in 2011, Aangetekend Mailen has developed a wide customer base with companies as well as governmental institutions (including SMEs, law firms, insurance companies, brokers, municipalities, and banks such as ABN AMRO). The Aangetekend Mailen service is also used in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Spain. For more information about Aangetekend Mailen, visit the website.


iDIN is an identification method used by Dutch banks, allowing their customers to safely identify themselves at third parties' websites, using their own bank's secure and familiar means of identification. The system eliminates the need to request and remember access codes for each third party. Customers can now log in to web stores, insurance company sites, and government sites while using their own trusted login environment. For more information about iDIN, visit the website.


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