ABN AMRO’s activities in the Diamond & Jewellery sector

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ABN AMRO has been active in the diamond and jewellery sector for over 100 years. ABN AMRO’s clients are global and local companies active in rough and polished trading, cutting & polishing, jewellery manufacturing, as well as retail jewellery.

With approximately 80 dedicated staff, Diamonds & Jewellery Clients (D&JC) is servicing over 700 clients in the Diamond & Jewellery sector, of which approximately 200 are borrowing clients. D&JC currently operates out of 4 locations globally: Hong Kong, Dubai, Antwerp and New York, important locations in the diamond and jewellery sector.

Strict monitoring

Banks and supervisory authorities monitor clients in this sector extra carefully, and the bank reports on this to the supervisory authorities. Stricter monitoring means that ABN AMRO periodically subjects clients to reviews and continuously checks transactions. If anything unusual transpires, the relationship with the client is reviewed and assessed by various specialists and, sometimes, by external advisors.


Sustainability is a priority for ABN AMRO, also as a financial service provider active in the diamonds & jewellery sector. Diamonds & Jewellery Clients actively promotes the importance of sustainability for the sector, not only in direct conversations with clients and stakeholders, but also through presentations and sponsoring sustainability related events. 

More about this approach in this video.


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