ABN AMRO makes final offer for collective labour agreement

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ABN AMRO and the trade unions have failed to reach agreement on a new collective labour agreement (CLA), the main stumbling block being pay. The bank has now put a final offer to unions FNV Finance, De Unie and CNV Vakmensen. The offer entails a contemporary employment package appropriate for today’s bank, and showcases a fresh approach to performance management, sustainable employability and well-being. The package also proposes a concrete deal on employing people with a work disability, and offers a structural pay rise.

New approach to performance management

A fresh approach to performance management is the central plank in ABN AMRO’s proposal to drive the bank’s culture change. We aim to be an agile place of work offering greater scope for our employees. By investing in our people, we can meet our clients’ needs better and faster. We put our people’s development centre stage and are looking to end annual performance rating, leading the way in our industry.

Sustainable employment and well-being

ABN AMRO aims to keep its people employable at all times, both within and outside the bank. We invest in their continuous development and in striking a healthy work-life balance. We propose to raise individual development budgets to 3,000 euros over three years, and offer an additional day to study. To ensure continued health and well-being, we will provide free annual health checks. We have also made our leave schemes more attractive, in particular parental leave. Partners will now be entitled to two weeks of paid leave.

Focus on the work-disabled

In the Netherlands, ABN AMRO leads on diversity. We are working towards hiring 225 people with a work disability under the country’s social agreement. In addition, we have gained excellent experience through our ‘Warm Welcome’ project, focused on hiring people further removed from the labour market. They ensure a good old-fashioned warm client reception at our branch offices, and we will further expand this project


ABN AMRO is proposing a moderate pay increase: 

  • A one-time gross payment of 1,000 euros in February 2018 
  • A 1% pay rise from 1 July 2018 
  • A 2% pay rise from 1 January 2019

The proposed employment package covers a two-year labour agreement until 1 January 2020. The unions have agreed to put this final offer to their members’ vote.


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