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De Kameleon

ABN AMRO Foundation supports Education Fund for Children in Rotterdam

With the help of ABN AMRO Foundation, no fewer than nine schools, three of which are located in Rotterdam, can now make use of funding provided by the Education Fund for Children (Jeugdeducatiefonds). The fund offers financial support for children from low-income families. These children often attain a lower level of education than their potential because their parents are unable to pay for the guidance their children need. ABN AMRO Foundation hopes this will contribute to equal opportunities for children from these families, enabling them to make the best possible use of their talents. The bank will be providing both financial support and making its employees available to help out as coaches at certified schools.

Harrie Postma, initiator at the Education Fund for Children: “I’m thrilled that we are now able to support the primary school De Kameleon in Rotterdam. Thanks to this funding, some of these children will be able to get homework help or go on school outings, for example. Not all children in the Netherlands can take these things for granted. Poverty-related stress and financial concerns can mean that families pay less attention to school matters. Children often attain a lower level of education than their potential as a result. The Education Fund for Children wants to contribute to a society in which all children develop their full potential and talents. And that includes those who grow up in deprived circumstances. Let’s face it – it’s unacceptable that compared with last year the Netherlands has dropped a few places in the KidsRights Index because many children are raised in poverty.”

Ernst Boekhorst, director of ABN AMRO Foundation: “ABN AMRO invests in the future and is socially engaged. The focus of ABN AMRO’s sponsorship department and Foundation is now on talent, as part of the ‘Partner of the Future’ programme. Our activities are designed to discover, develop and reward talent. In doing so, the bank supports people who are keen to achieve something in life by providing funding or, more often, by sharing the bank’s knowledge and network. The decision to support the Education Fund for Children in these ways is fully in line with this. After all, promoting equal opportunities sets the stage for talent development.”

The newly established Education Fund for Children is supported by Stichting Kinderpostzegels, Maatschappij tot Nut van ’t Algemeen Amsterdam, Stichting Hulp na Onderzoek, Stichting Madurodam Steunfonds, Stichting Het R.C. Maagdenhuis, private gifts and ABN AMRO Foundation. 

The Education Fund for Children is based on similar initiatives in the fields of sport (Jeugdsportfonds) and culture (Jeugdcultuurfonds).


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