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Starting 1 July, SMEs will get a EUR 250 discount on their handling fee if they submit the documents required for a loan application through SBR (Standard Business Reporting).

SBR enables banks, businesses and intermediaries (accountants, bookkeeping firms) to share digital information. Starting 1 January 2017, small and medium-sized companies will be required to file their 2016 annual accounts with the Chamber of Commerce via the SBR system. From 2018, the same requirement will apply to larger companies. SBR has already become the standard for the Dutch tax authorities. Banks are following suit in this trend. 

Intermediaries can use various types of software to submit financial statements through SBR. These software packages can be linked to the company’s accounts and to the banks’ systems via SBR. Intermediaries and businesses that have not yet digitised their accounts will need to make an extra effort to comply with the digital submission standard. They will earn back their investment soon enough, though, as sharing information completely digitally through SBR is faster and less error-prone. What’s more, it will allow intermediaries to expand their offering with such services as benchmark comparisons and 24/7 advisory services. It will provide the business with extra management information, which will in turn save them time when they need to submit their annual accounts to the bank and other relevant parties.

In 2017 businesses will be allowed to submit their annual accounts free of charge by post, email or PDF. In future, they will be charged a fee to cover the higher cost of handling the documents. For more information on SBR, please go to


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