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ABN AMRO aims to be a human rights leader, and has designed specific policies setting out how it handles human rights itself and what it expects from its clients.

You’ll find more detail in its Human Rights Report. among other publications. In fact, ABN AMRO was the first bank in the world to issue such a report accounting for its human rights policy and its implementation, in compliance with UN guiding principles. The bank’s website provides a great deal of additional information on the way ABN AMRO handles this theme, and it organises an international human rights conference for its stakeholders every year.

ABN AMRO establishes whether or not its clients comply with its sustainability policy, and will engage with any company it finds to be in breach. It’s through such engagement that the bank uses its influence to change the situation, together with its client. If no change is discernible within a set time frame, the ultimate consequence may be that ABN AMRO terminates the client relationship. For more information about ABN AMRO’s engagement drives, read our engagement rapportage​ (PDF 78 KB).

ABN AMRO does not just set great store by human rights, it values client confidentiality and will never publicly share client information – not names of clients, not whether ABN AMRO is engaging with particular clients, nor what its engagement meetings are about. In fact, applicable laws and regulations often prevent disclosure of client information, even where clients themselves have given permission. Still, ABN AMRO is looking for ways to further enhance transparency.

Promoting observance of human rights is not something that banks can do on their own; this calls for a joint approach. That’s why ABN AMRO is party to the Dutch financial sector’s IMVO convenant, which brings together an alliance of banks, unions, NGOs and governments on the issue. The alliance investigates what’s going well and what could be improved. For example, it is currently investigating the possibility of a joint complaints procedure.


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