ABN AMRO’s Annual Report in an all-new format

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For its Annual Report 2017, released this morning, ABN AMRO has adopted a new approach. This year, besides the Annual Reports (of ABN AMRO Group and ABN AMRO Bank), we’re introducing our Integrated Annual Review 2017. An innovative reporting method, giving readers an overview of our operational environment, our strategy, our performance in 2017 and the way we create value for our stakeholders.

Integrated Annual Review 2017

Our Integrated Annual Review 2017 discusses themes that are central to our medium-term strategy and illustrates how we’ve succeeded in creating long-term value. To achieve this, it uses the International Integrated Reporting Framework to describe the bank’s activities and achievements during 2017.

Annual Reports 2017

The Annual Report of the Group and Bank and the Annual Financial Statements provide information about the bank’s financial and non-financial performance in compliance with regulatory requirements. In addition, ABN AMRO has published a separate Pillar 3 disclosure along with the Annual Reports.

Sustainability Highlights 2017

In our Sustainability Highlights, we present the key achievements and the overall results of the bank’s efforts to promote sustainability.

Read more about the Integrated Annual Review, the Annual Reports and the Sustainability Highlights online.


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