ABN AMRO co-develops circular business model

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Today, an interdisciplinary consortium of companies (Sustainable Finance Lab, Circle Economy, Fairphone, PGGM, ING, ABN AMRO, NBA, Allen & Overy and Circularise) has published a whitepaper with solutions for the development of a Product-as-a-Service business model. Together, these companies have created a cost-effective Product-as-a-Service model for the modular smartphone Fairphone. The whitepaper provides readers with all the details of the companies' learnings and creations, including open source contract templates and a cash flow tool.

Most circular businesses have business models that focus on use and service rather than ownership. In the absence of a proof of concept, it is often hard to make an assessment of risks and opportunities, which banks need to create an appropriate financing solution.

“This joint effort has produced relevant insights for financing Product-as-a-Service business models,” says ABN AMRO’s Head of Sustainable Finance Desk Hein Brekelmans. “It was a pleasure to work on this complex concept as part of this group. I believe many businesses will benefit from the insights presented in the whitepaper. ABN AMRO wants to be a partner to businesses in the transition to a circular economy. As such, we are eager to join the discussion on the switch to sustainable business models.” 

To learn more, read our – in Dutch only - report ‘Alles van waarde’.

The full press release about the new financing model can be found here


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